Christmas Tree!

We put a Christmas tree in the tower for the season!

Lots of lights too…

Sure looked bigger when we were putting it up.

Sure looked bigger when we were putting it up.

That's a 7 and a half foot tree, sitting on a two foot platform!

That's a 7 and a half foot tree, sitting on a two foot platform!

Sizes in this building are misleading…with 16 foot ceilings…everything looks small.

Those windows are well over 10 feet tall…makes the tree look small.

But it looks pretty. The lights are nice at night too!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Daniel Meyer

It’s a sign!

So, Saturday afternoon I pulled the massive left-handed fargle-snorker onto the otherwise quiet Clarksville square.

My mission, well, to hang the sign on my evil headquarters of course.

Well…okay, maybe I’m overstating.

What I actually did was hang a banner on my building.

See, we bought the old Blackmon Pharmacy building after they moved to their brand new building just south of the square.

That was several months ago (!) (where DOES the time go?) and there was still a “Blackmon Pharmacy” sign on our building. This might confuse the pharmacy’s customers and it just seemed the correct thing to do to cover it up or take it down.

The old Blackmon Pharmacy sign

The old sign

We’re not ready to open the coffee shop. There’s work to be done, debts to pay, and equipment to acquire. There’s also the little house project to get further along on.

So…we’re not ready to put up the coffee/ice-cream/candy shop sign…but I really didn’t want to remove the sign that was up there…leaving nothing but a rusty skeleton of structured support behind to impact the look of the square.

What to do…paint over it? That would have done it…but I had a banner printed instead and hung it over the old sign. That was harder than it looks by the way…that sign is over 12 feet long!

Stormrider Press...our headquarters.

The new sign.

The banner covers the sign, tells people who we are, and gives them a place to get information about or comment on what we are doing.

With any luck, the banner will last until we’re ready to open for business and put up our sign(s). Not sure though…it’s rated for outdoor display, but it gets the full western sun. We’ll see.

More about the business later…

Daniel Meyer